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Last Night - Megatron/Starscream G1
Megatron leaned his helm against his servo, his optics wandering around the room of partying Decepticons. Since their recent raid had been extremely successful, there was plenty of energon to go around. The ‘Cons took it upon themselves to celebrate while Megatron simply watched them, utterly bored with the celebration.
He placed his cube of energon on his knee, his optics pausing on the seeker across the room. Starscream was sparking up a seemly enjoyable conversation with Skywarp and Thundercracker. His laugh reached Megatron’s audios over all the other noise of the party around him. Starscream smiled at Skywarp, making Megatron’s spark almost quiver beneath his chestplates. His smile made his optics shine brighter, illuminating his handsome faceplates in a glow of red. Megatron moved his optics lower, gazing over his delicate wings and luscious hips. His optics were kept from going further when Soundwave appeared at his side, bringing him a quick report on how much
:iconcrazyhypermai:CrazyHyperMai 32 14
L.O.V.E. - Spock x Kirk
Let Me Hold You
Jim shifted in his sleep, feeling the side of the bed rise and fall beside him. He slowly opened his eyes, the room dark and quiet. Jim turned over onto his side, mumbling sleepily, "Spock?"
He could barely see the silhouette of the Vulcan standing a few feet away from the bed. "Jim, I did not mean to wake you," Spock said, walking towards the bed. Jim sat up, running his hands through his messy bed hair. He stared up at Spock, his ivory skin illuminated by the dim starlight coming in through the window. "Where are you going?"
Spock was silent for a moment then whispered, "I... I require some time to meditate."
"Are you ok?" Spock was silent for too long this time. Jim hesitated but he asked, "Did you have another nightmare?" Spock's reply was almost immediate, "Vulcans don't have nightmares."
Jim sighed, leaning forward and taking Spock's hand, gently pulling him towards the bed. "Jim, I must-"
"Please?" Jim whispered, "Let me help you."
Spock slowly nodded, mak
:iconcrazyhypermai:CrazyHyperMai 16 5
Moments - Skyfire x Starscream
Starscream carefully poured the contents of the beaker into the other, watching the two substances react. He quickly jotted down the details of the reaction on his data pad. 
Skyfire watched him from across the lab, trying hard to concentrate on his own experiment. His optics followed Starscream's subtle movements, his work now a fleeting thought. He slowly stepped away from his station, walking towards Starscream's table. The sounds of his peds didn't seem to avert Starscream's attention from his work. He stepped closer, his servo ever so softly caressing the edge of his wing. Starscream jolted out of his concentrated state, slowly setting down his beaker with a shaky servo before turning to look at Skyfire.
Skyfire moved his servo down along his wing, coming closer to the smaller seeker, gently moving Starscream's chin up to look at him. Starscream let out a cycle of hot air through his vents, mumbling, "Skyfire.."
"Shh...", Skyfire whispered, smoothing his thumb over the ridge
:iconcrazyhypermai:CrazyHyperMai 36 17
Mature content
Mine Alone - Megatron x Soundwave :iconcrazyhypermai:CrazyHyperMai 66 58
A Part of You 2 - Shockwave x Blurr
Blurr looked towards the medic bay doors, hearing the soft shh as they opened. Shockwave appeared in the doorway, concern in his optic. An uneasiness settled in Blurr’s fuel tanks, causing him to look away from Shockwave and back towards Random. Random looked down at Blurr, giving a smile before setting a gentle, reassuring servo on his shoulder plate. Blurr gave a small nod, watching Random walk out of the med bay, the door sliding shut behind him. Shockwave looked at Blurr, who was turned away from him. Shockwave walked over to the berth, pulling over a chair.
“Blurr...,” Shockwave called out to him softly. Blurr kept his helm turned away, not wanting to meet his gaze. Shockwave sighed, “Blurr.. I know you’re upset with me but I was just so frustrated. I didn’t want to lose you. I don’t know what came over me to say those things to you, but I’m sorry.” Shockwave waited for an answer for a few moments, just watching Blurr lay there
:iconcrazyhypermai:CrazyHyperMai 26 46
Mature content
Longing - Spock x Kirk :iconcrazyhypermai:CrazyHyperMai 40 12
Mature content
Temptation - Shockwave x Steelmind :iconcrazyhypermai:CrazyHyperMai 26 24
Mature content
Searing Kisses - Megatron x Starscream :iconcrazyhypermai:CrazyHyperMai 50 55
Mature content
Starscream x Skyfire Drabbles 2 :iconcrazyhypermai:CrazyHyperMai 15 7
Mature content
Protecting Him 4 - Wasp x Bee :iconcrazyhypermai:CrazyHyperMai 29 25
Mature content
Caress - Starscream x Bumblebee :iconcrazyhypermai:CrazyHyperMai 42 17
A Part of You 1 - Shockwave x Blurr
Shockwave felt a wave of dread and panic wash through him, his servos still holding Blurr tightly. Blurr’s optics were dark, their light extinguished by him falling into emergency stasis. Shockwave held him close, oil covered his chestplates and arms.
"Hothead! Hurry up! Vee need to get Blurr to a medic vight away!" Icy shouted, looking towards the mech sitting in the control chair.
Hothead made no reply but a slight nod as the ship lurched forward with greater speed. Within minutes they were at the Decepticon base. Shockwave lifted himself quickly off the floor, Blurr still in his arms. Hothead opened the doors before the ship landed, allowing Shockwave to simply jump from the ship, which wasn't too far off the landing ground. Shockwave ran to the medic bay, pushing any other mech out of his way. Shockwave punched the code into the panel beside the medic bay door, rushing inside. Hook turned around and took one look at Blurr laying in Shockwave's arms, oil covered his side and l
:iconcrazyhypermai:CrazyHyperMai 49 60
Mature content
I Dare You - Prowl x OC :iconcrazyhypermai:CrazyHyperMai 6 4
Mature content
Stay With Me 8 - Shockwave x Blurr (Final) :iconcrazyhypermai:CrazyHyperMai 35 25
Mature content
Starscream x Skyfire Drabbles :iconcrazyhypermai:CrazyHyperMai 44 15
Mature content
Memories - ProwlxJazz :iconcrazyhypermai:CrazyHyperMai 39 24


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I've been reading over a few of my old writings lately and some of it is kinda of... awful. I feel like I've improved alot since my first stories I've posted on here and I've been thinking of rewriting a few of them! The one I want to rewrite the most is Stay With Me, which I really love but I believe can be improved. Alot. 

I just wanted to put that idea out there and see what other people think. I know I've been inactive for a while but I've been trying to write and get back into DA. I've also been thinking of starting a Tumblr. 

Lots of love for the faves and watches you guys. :heart:
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Just a girl who loves Transformers just a little too much.

I hope you guys like what you see on my Gallery and give a favorite or two. A comment always makes my day~

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